About US

 I S V I  was born 1998 in Valera, a city located in The Andes of Venezuela, by Isamar Viloria. The name ISVI comes from the founders first and last name. It was her dream to create a one stop destination boutique quality clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Creating a great experience for all women who love fashion in town was a must.
Years laters I S V I expanded into others cities in Venezuela. In 2004 it opened a store in Maracaibo at the Sambil shopping center. That same year Isamar’s daughters Jessika and Jenni started to feel the same passion and love for fashion and decided to joined their mother in her beautiful journey. The expansion continued throughout Venezuela and eventually in 2016 I S V I crossed its borders to Miami.
Today we venture to new journeys with a main goal in mind, reaching out to people from all over the world through our online store. Bringing you lifestyle pieces for every day use and hand-made pieces made with tones of love. Your happiness is key thus bringing a smile to all of us here at I S V I. We look forward to sharing this amazing world with all of you.